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  1. Update: since then the infras disappeared, don't know if you did it manually or it just needed some time!
  2. Zoltan

    war modul

    Think he means that you still can't remove existing pacts, ie. ours still says we have a nap with the US
  3. Sometimes it fires right after one ended, need checking (yesterday we had a battle at Zakarpattia, right after it ended, another one started)
  4. In Zakarpattia the Ukrainian infrastructures reached 1% before the last battle yesterday (5% they lose at each battle). After yesterday's, they've reached 0% but still there.
  5. Zoltan

    NPC uplift

    Wicked, though I'd prefer the first example, it doesn't have an api, and it's pure svg so it'd be rather complicated to copy them. I'll try to find something, here is one what works, it's not as good as that, but it has a free api: https://avatars.dicebear.com/ https://pravatar.cc/ WOW, actually I found something on github what supposed to get random avatars from the site I've mentioned first: https://github.com/maiconfriedel/random-avatar-generator
  6. Zoltan

    NPC uplift

    Generate avatars randomly for the NPC's, with something like this: https://getavataaars.com/?accessoriesType=Prescription01&avatarStyle=Transparent&topType=WinterHat2 Perhaps you know a good api, or maybe we could access this or similar free sites through php? What do you think?
  7. Zoltan

    Infra bug

    Yeah that's been proposed before, and no, it can't be space problem, since we are still able to build defense systems. But if I recall it right, we had this issue before.
  8. Zoltan

    Infra bug

    We've built a sam site and a bunker days ago, just realized they don't show up in the infra panel (we had 4/4, then built 1 of each, still showing 4/4).
  9. I think there is no need to display every individual infra, considering if you have a lot of them, the panel becomes littered. Maybe w could have a collapsible/expendable system, imagine CH for example. We have five bunkers, now it's showing all 5 (this would be their expanded view anyway). So when it loads, it'd just show a single picture of a bunker, say a big number 5 in the center. You click a small plus icon in the top right corner, then it expands, showing all 5 separately. The only reason I can think of the need to see them separately, is to know their status, how much repair is needed. However, you can just check that it's not important to see directly from here. But if you want some indication here too (if they are collapsed showing a single image), an idea is to show the lowest building in the stack, so say the lowest durability infra is on 20%, then show that on the main image. Also you could use highlights, when the infra is at 100% show some kind of green overlay, as it goes down change the color to orange, red etc.
  10. Although now with the new AP system, shouldn't we think this over too? I mean if you have AP then why not work as both?
  11. It'd be very convenient if I wouldn't have to type in the same amount daily
  12. What I mean is, for example if you use infrastructure repair it will take 25APs. Doesn't matter if you're just repairing 1point on an infra or your skill maximum, it will always take 25APs.
  13. This is a longtime wish for me, the defense systems' damage could be shown separately, now it's counted toward ground damage, and I'd include the rest of the battle modifiers too somehow in this page, so say 15% less/more tank damage due to tank-traps, etc. ps. seems I just caught an ui glitch too, in the bottom neither Hungary or Ukraine has flags.
  14. Zoltan


    Imagine them like booster packs you could buy. Here is an example for a service: auto move to battles. Say you could buy service points, 1VBX for 10 pts. You could use the service points on any available services your country can offer (could be researched and/or upkept by the country) If your country researched the auto move to battles services and activated it, then you could simply turn it on on your profile (obviously we'd need to make something ui wise) If it's active for your citizen, then when you click on a battle, you'd be moved automatically and deployed, given that you have enough travel solutions with you. So basically services could be like helper features, making certain things easier/faster in the game. I think it could be easily introduced into our system, using mostly existing things.
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