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  1. It redirects you to the party page to cast your vote, but there's nothing of sort
  2. When you enter a higher amount to buy than existing in the market, it throws an error. Instead, it should simply buy all of it if you have enough currency.
  3. When I try to sell something I always look at the panel, and wondering how much stock I have on the market when I have made some new stuff. I was thinking that these two could be merged, since they are both show the company stock, and perhaps it would be more clear if say on the left you see the available stock, next to it you'd instantly see how much is on the market. ps. I also don't really understand what the "Exports: 0 / 2" means in the "Sell Stock" panel. ps2. the avg production cost in the "Market Stock" panel looks doggy,T1 cost: 15HUF, T2: 0.97 HUF, T3: 29HUF? also also just noticed there are still "$" signs before the currency values there
  4. Well not really tool-tips, these popups what you see when you try to enter a value into an input box, you should be able to choose from the recently used ones, however, in some cases (idk where or when exactly) they show up, then they promptly disappear. Checkout the video https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/a1v9ddmqz0dyipp/1DRaEX1jzv.mp4
  5. Oh yeah, I mean the dashboard widget!
  6. Don't know how much you'll like this one (not even sure myself if I would, perhaps we should test it to see), I just saw some nice animated background examples on codepen, and I thought we could have custom backgrounds. Two types, animated and still. https://codepen.io/carpenumidium/pen/vNNzyG https://codepen.io/tonkotsuboy/pen/zJbKNN https://codepen.io/hylobates-lar/pen/bGEQXgm https://codepen.io/saransh/pen/BKJun https://codepen.io/agoodwin/pen/NMJoER https://codepen.io/shubniggurath/pen/dKwegY https://codepen.io/akey96/pen/oNgeQYX
  7. Show some even more useful stuff there, for example: How much money you've made today/week/month (with your current company) How much tax you've paid How much skill you've gained (ie. gathering)
  8. In employment panel. That way it could be useful.
  9. The smallest one enough to cover the whole trip. So if the trip costs 2 tickets, it would use Tier 2. It's not a bad idea to have a 3 tier ticket system, although travelling needs some rework then too, some longer distances could cost more and more tickets, perhaps we should even call it some kind of unit, then different tiers of tickets would give different values of this unit if you guys follow.
  10. Yeah I think it was registered as "ground damage" but nothing specific. And that should be around 1mil flat dmg no? I thought this was the npcs' hits somehow before the battle started. Perhaps it'd come handy to indicate the defense system's damage somewhere in the above shot?
  11. Yeah I feel you, I can relate.
  12. Yeah I use Brave which is chromium and it works fine.
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