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    Updates Presidential Election results are now automatically processed shortly after polls close. There may initially still be delays of up to 24 hours as we monitor the new system for any bugs, but this should quickly be reduced to 1-2 hours max. (Before this update, election results had to be manually triggered by a dev/admin). Military Module has now been fully converted to the Action Points (AP) system. Initially, every military action will cost 1 AP per attack. Yes, this means everyone has the option of spending a full 100 AP on attacks if they choose - though this will prevent them from working or training. Quick Action buttons linked to actions that cost AP are now dynamically displayed. If you do not have sufficient AP to perform the action, the button will disapear until your AP has recovered. This will dynamically update even if you do not reload the page. Currency exchange rates are now determined by the amount of currency in circulation and the amount of VBX held in the treasury. Greatly increased the inflation cap, allowing for more realistic market effects. Added a new Instant Sale feature to the currency exchange. This feature is available for currencies valued at or below 0.001 VBX (the cost of printing currency). Currency is sold at the current exchange rate, and is always sold for VBX. Company manager now indicates the number of available purchase orders and stock on the relevant tabs. When buying resources for a company, if the company cannot afford to buy all the resources you order, it will still purchase the resources it can afford. Previously this would result in an error message, forcing the player to re-attempt the purchase. Began work on new AI NPC system. In the near future, these AI citizens will encourage activity by taking part in traditional daily tasks and consuming a small amount of products from the market. This is the first step in a transformational upgrade that will change the way the game is played. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue preventing Military industry items from being trashed. Fixed broken page displayed after filling a purchase order from the company manager. Known Issues There is a configuration issue with the new server that is causing intermittent 500/520 Server Errors (primarily while browsing the game). We are well aware of this issue, and are investigating to determine the source of the problem. If you encounter these errors, a simple refresh of your browser should successfully load the page you're trying to access. View full release
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    I was thinking "gifts" what you get, say you did the daily tasks which was eating, working, studying whatever. Then you get stuff like some currency, or xp, or stats, or temp bonuses or whatever then if you do the weekly shit (7 day periods), again you get stuff, more serious of course than the daily. and monthly etc. So basically reward activity
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    As an effort to make the GUI feel more "lively", plus to be able to tell when can we expect the next AP point, show an indicator. It could be a simple tool-tip, but I'd prefer some graphical solution, for example imagine another very narrow progress bar underneath the AP which would show the remaining seconds, in it's tool-tip you'd see the exact number.
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    XP targets for levels are now algorithmic, so there is no more level cap.
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    Basically as the title says. Tool-tip shows up below the RM icons.
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    This seems to be a desync issue with some of the database fields. We cache some data temporarily to reduce database calls, which then gets rechecked and updated when you load the full company manager page for that company. Given the server specs and indeed PHP/MySQL performance have improved a lot over the years, I'm looking at recoding this to remove the cache step and make it more accurate.
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    This will be somewhat tricky since we're using Invsion for media now. But we can look at options for things like this when we have some medias 🙂
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    The error handling is always a neglected feature, we should aim to reduce or eliminate them altogether. For instance if you didn't chose an infrastructure and you click the repair button, it throws an error, instead it should be grayed out when you can't use it, thus removing the error. (the error message gives the feeling that something is not working)
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    Achievements for logging in weekly and 1 big prize session per month Implement a virtual pet, if it is a dog, simulate finding different objects in a random time
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    Increase the action points to 200, Use the points in Work, Training, Gym, University, Hospital, infrastructure and a war.
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    We definitely need to adjust the AP as we go on, I just don't feel confident enough yet to say how. In general I'd like to see a faster game-pace, meaning that I wanna get to a point where you could do something in-game without the need to wait too much. Firstly I'd say we should get rid of thinking in 100s, the problem is that it is such a small number, we'll be forced to use fractions for some situations. Instead I think it'd better to have like 1k or 10k even, which could be permanently extended by some buildings, and temporarily extended by boosts. That said, Xav knows this too, we are at very early stages of AP and more like experimenting with it, but I feel your pain m8, I want more AP too! 🙂
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    Changed Status to Under Review
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    @Ironman's idea reminded me that it was always a debate if its good or not that countries can be deleted. To satisfy both sides, we could add a huge defense bonus (it can be calculated from the average of the last 10 battles lets say) to the capitol of every country. Then if it's under occupation, it would revolt automatically and randomly in given time periods. This way it's still possible to delete a country, but it will cost huge resources for any nation to keep it deleted. How hard, we can simply adjust.
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    With the introduction of infras desitegrating daily, it'd be crucial to be able to properly order them in the list (sort by most damage/regions (natural/occupied) etc), also it'd be nice to see the actual percentage too, it doesn't say too much that an infra needs 200pp.
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    *Add a map, visualize the regions of each country and its limits with other countries *An official and unofficial encyclopedia, explaining each section, resource, materials, their concept and importance
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    Unfortunately we can't recover the old wiki (though that might not be as bad as it sounds, since a lot of the info would be years outdated). We have a docs section that should be accessible by anyone, and essentially function like a wiki: https://www.vnations.net/docs/ We'll add official docs when/if there is time, but Zoltan is right, a lot of it will need to be community input. Map is a whole different beast, and unfortunately isn't likely to be added anytime soon.
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    Yeah both needed, I'd really welcome a map however basic it is as well, regarding the wikipedia I'm afraid to even be able to get to it, we will have to have somewhat finalized features too. I was thinking a lot about this too, thing is I'm not sure it'd make sense to start create a tutorial now, when in a couple of month I expect radical changes in both GUI and mechanics wise. Also I think this will be more or less a community effort, if we can do a proper startup and get the game going, people will start to create the relevant sections just like we did before.
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    There isn't any placeholder image, that company may have an image linked that was lost in one of the previous server moves. Uploading a new image should resolve this.
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    Custom discord bot to allow for some more custom integration (primarily posting of battle updates and events, possibly role management)
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    Not sure how feasible this will be to implement. Feedback on Invision (either the Stars system or the reactions) needs to be linked to a specific user, feedback from a discord bot would be difficult to pair to an Invision account. Will need to re-examine this once we've got some integration with Invision API working.
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    Updates Military Training has now been added to the Action Point system. Military training now requires 20 AP. More Dark Mode theme improvements by @Zoltan. Added a new Purchase Orders tab to the Company Manager. This tab shows purchase orders for products your active company sells. Bug Fixes Fixed UI issues with the Citizen Stats widget (top-right of each game page). You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. If you've cleared your cache and are still seeing broken bars, scrollbar, or other UI issues, please provide a screenshot and let us know the browser you use, and your screen resolution. Fixed inconsistent database collation, which could cause error messages in some obscure circumstances. Fixed tabs not working on citizen profiles and party page. Fixed incorrect error message shown when visiting the Gym with insufficient AP to workout. Fixed Nation -> Diplomacy always showing treaties held by your citizens nation, even when viewing foreign nations. View full release
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    idea: just like you show available sport events or battles in the top bar, show an icon when elections are live. clicking on it could show the current votes.
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