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  1. I didn't earn 3 Commendations but my question is solved 😄
  2. Ironman

    Navy & 70!

    Add marina, for the regions bordering the sea, not so necessary but good to have news Raise the level cap to 70
  3. Achievements for logging in weekly and 1 big prize session per month Implement a virtual pet, if it is a dog, simulate finding different objects in a random time
  4. Ironman

    AP to 200

    Increase the action points to 200, Use the points in Work, Training, Gym, University, Hospital, infrastructure and a war.
  5. *Add a map, visualize the regions of each country and its limits with other countries *An official and unofficial encyclopedia, explaining each section, resource, materials, their concept and importance
  6. It is very important to know the time each minute takes for an action point 👏
  7. Good idea🙂 & Add some icons : example Rebelion ✊ Battle ⚔️
  8. Good idea🙂 & Add some icons : example Rebelion ✊ Battle ⚔️
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