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  1. After the company names it'd be very useful to see if a company is out of money/raws/power. I was thinking a simple icon representing each. I know it affects callbacks so only you know if it's viable, let me know your 2 cents.
  2. Now if you play raffle, there is a good chance that you win that 5VBUX prize which is nice and all. But as player numbers change, so should the prize, ie. if there are ten times more people playing, then you have ten times less chance to win it. So make it somewhat like the lottery, the more people buy the ticket, higher the prize go up, less players = lower prize. This will make it future proof and perhaps even more attractive.
  3. Zoltan

    private messages

    Yeah that's partial :DDDDDD
  4. https://play.vnations.net/citizen/friend.php We should either hide it from the menu, or fix it, not sure what you planned with it.
  5. It can be inconvenient to look for a battle when you always have to check two long drop-downs, to create a shortcut see title. Usually we wanna see some recent statistics anyways, so it would come handy to just simply select the battle with one click. Let me add that in case you accept the other sugg and make that battle statistics popup, then perhaps that same type of popup could be used here, so you don't have to navigate away. If you click outside of the popup you're back at the battle history, ready to check another one.
  6. Think it'd be nice to be able to check the statistics of the battle from the battlefield itself, a simple button would suffice, but perhaps it'd be even better if you wouldn't navigate away from the battle, so it could be a popup perhaps?
  7. Actually I'm seem to be dyslexic, I meant the happiness lol
  8. Zoltan

    private messages

    Yeah this is a hot topic @darki, we already discussed it many times trying to figure out how to do it. Unfortunately the api doesn't support reading private messages at the moment, otherwise Dark would have integrated it long ago! However @Darkmyre, just read the api docs quickly and something popped in, to be able to at least know when someone has a message could have a possible workaround. When you get a message, you get a notification in the forum too. And there is a get command (https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/GETitem_notifications) supposed to read the notification, and it's type etc. You could theoretically read the notifications, check for what triggered it, and if it's a message, then show the notification ingame. What do you think?
  9. Dirty asks if it's normal to have fractions in AP now?
  10. Actually, now that I see the stock was sold today, I think the most likely thing is that whoever worked, tried to do it before the stock was sold, and now that it's sold it seems the notification hasn't resetted itself or something?
  11. Company has 870HUF, I think it's unlikely Although, now that we have 200APs, couldn't say for sure.
  12. Says that the company doesn't have enough huf to pay the workers, but it has plenty of currency.
  13. Now with AP, the infra repair needs an overhaul too, with the old system it was just an action, but now we can do more. At the moment for example, if I want to contribute to the building of an infra, I have to click repair, that loads a new page with the notification, then go back to infra page, click repair again and repeat. Instead, this could be done in one step, we just need a way to set how much of our AP we'd like to use, ie. a slider or input boxes (two input boxes, one shows how much percentage of the infra you repair, the other shows how much is the AP cost. Moving the slider automatically adjusts the numbers in both boxes, and of course you could manually input the numbers in the boxes too)
  14. Zoltan

    war modul

    I don't think so, we still have this NAP, also there is no way to manually cancel it.
  15. Update: today when proposing a policy had the same issue,autocomplete is gone in a split second. However, I've waited like 30 seconds, then when I tried it worked! So really seems ajax, but for some reason it's not consistent even on the same input.
  16. Ok, so the edit company inputs work as they should. Seems you're right and must have something to do with the ajax, but if that's the case something must be wrong too, since it triggers basically instantly. ps. forgot to say that yeah, we don't have autocomplete selector in our css, i was just thinking it could be a solution, maybe... oh and it's not a biggie though, so just keep this open, maybe we'll figure it out at some point
  17. Seems good now yeah, thx!
  18. Which ones should I try? Cause one thing I noticed, that it doesn't happen all the time, not sure if due to the different inputs or something else.
  19. I was thinking about this, and first I thought hell yeah, it must be the ajax and started looking for some answers. But now that I'm thinking about it, I reckon it can't be that, it's simply happening way too fast. I mean i press a key, the autocomplete comes up, then it's gone in a split second. And it repeats at the same speed no matter how many times I try. I was reading however about this autocomplete css selector, and this relatively new thing looks a bit dodgy. There is not much info about it, but it seems it can affect the autocomplete in fundamental ways. Another thing came to mind is that we could have a conflicting script or even a simple line of code somewhere, ie. I remember that I did something to hide an element when it was in the way. Not saying it's that, but maybe something similar you get me.
  20. If you don't have enough AP to repair an infrastructure you get the errror, however, the AP need seems to be off:
  21. Zoltan

    NPC uplift

    Haha, those are not bad either, however the github one is pretty easy too and you have more customization, ie. transparent background., You install the package first with node.js (I'm assuming you know node.js, perhaps you already have it installed in the server, if not, then you need to install node.js and npm beforehand npm i random-avatar-generator Then you just use it with as simple javascript: import { AvatarGenerator } from 'random-avatar-generator'; const generator = new AvatarGenerator(); // Simply get a random avatar generator.generateRandomAvatar(); // Optionally specify a seed for the avatar. e.g. for always getting the same avatar for a user id. // With seed 'avatar', always returns https://avataaars.io/?accessoriesType=Kurt&avatarStyle=Circle&clotheColor=Blue01&clotheType=Hoodie&eyeType=EyeRoll&eyebrowType=RaisedExcitedNatural&facialHairColor=Blonde&facialHairType=BeardMagestic&hairColor=Black&hatColor=White&mouthType=Sad&skinColor=Yellow&topType=ShortHairShortWaved generator.generateRandomAvatar('avatar');
  22. Zoltan

    Battle script

    I don't think it came before the cooldown ran out
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