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  1. Zoltan

    NPC jobs bug

    I put 3 job vacancies and I got this
  2. Zoltan

    Login errors

    I have login errors now and then, try to collect some of them here. Usually they go away in one-two page refresh.
  3. Yeah now that I think about it I think the fullscreen overlay should do the trick. So basically you create a fullscreen div (same height and width as the underlaying page), make that transparent, then create another div for whatever width and height you need and that would be the content itself.
  4. It's because there is nothing to scroll down, so the browser removes the vertical scroll bar. The modal is part of the normal page flow, one trick could be to make the modal as tall as the page below it, but this is messy coz you'd have to create transparent parts if you don't wan't it to cover the whole page. What I was thinking of is the new html dialog element, what if we tried to use that? Maybe it would do the same, but maybe it wouldn't affect the page behind it. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/dialog
  5. Missing avatar is still there, it's vRAD's if it helps!
  6. I knew I should have uploaded the normal popup overlay for showcase, my bad But actually no, it's the overlay itself, now I haven't read any books yet, check this out: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/cknd6da3bel0dqw/vTFmkaaZuE.mp4 Also, the new error message produces the same thing: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/qz8t5ze59zvam3q/QbCBEfn5Ef.mp4
  7. This should never happen, in case a player doesn't have an avatar set, or if the page can't read it for any reason, it should default back to a basic avatar. (coz it looks ugly
  8. Zoltan

    Infra repair

    Stay on the infrastructure page after repairing one (now that you can do it multiple times it'd make sense). The sorting also needs to be fixed, it's still not working properly, infras in the worst state should be on top in descending order.
  9. When an overlay comes in, it changes the width of the page by removing the scrollbar from the right side of the browser. This results in the whole page seemingly "moving a bit", then moving back to the original position when the overlay goes out. See here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/kc6drvxwbhkg8pp/7jtpPkSC48.mp4 To counter that, change the overlay's css.
  10. Show the buyer's name too pls!
  11. So they appear seemingly randomly, for your own country's battles they seem to be fine, for others regardless of treaties they seem to be random!
  12. I think it could be less cluttered if you would merge the same type of damage from the same player (only the consecutive ones), so for example if I hit 5 times with jets one after another, then the UI would display only one jet hit and update the damage, the timestamp could show the last hit's time. If you want it for transparency, you could put a small plus icon in the corner of the text, when you click it it could show the individual hits with their respective timestamps (although they are in the publicly accessible log anyway)
  13. that's what i thought, it was just looking weird, but thought about it today again when i moved myself from tier2 to tier1 work, it's actually right! what confused me is that it shows the positions and the vacancies, but not the number of workers, it seems it's getting hard for me to do simple math
  14. Zoltan

    Battle history css

    Needs to be adjusted (https://play.vnations.net/military/war.php?show=history)
  15. Perhaps in the top bar,, put an exclamation icon in front of the military menu and maybe make the text blink (like a red fade in/out effect, so it's noticeable). It should help people realize a battle is coming, right now there is a notice only when the battle is already underway.
  16. so leave the current job queue as it is, and add an extra one, like jobs for NPCs, where you could set how many of them you'd allow to work. the problem with the current setup is that if i set a job, it will be filled by low skilled NPCs and there won't be an empty space for real players.
  17. I can't find it where can I employ workers for the companies
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