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  1. Zoltan

    Heat owner

    The sponsor cell is still empty for me, could you check pls?
  2. I was thinking "gifts" what you get, say you did the daily tasks which was eating, working, studying whatever. Then you get stuff like some currency, or xp, or stats, or temp bonuses or whatever then if you do the weekly shit (7 day periods), again you get stuff, more serious of course than the daily. and monthly etc. So basically reward activity
  3. We should display the cool-downs for all relevant actions, say raffle. You can do it every 24 hours, but you need to know when will it be available again.
  4. Give people tasks they have to do, and give meaningful things when they complete them.
  5. So this is for the future, given that we will have a reset. But what I was thinking is the balance of new and old players. Inevitably you get to a point after enough time passed, when the gap between them is simply too big, first, you won't be able to catch them -ever- Secondly their contribution let that be economic or military is inferior in comparison. To circumvent that, new players could get a boost in these areas, raising their stats to a level say one year behind. For example, if you can get say 100 strength points in one year maximum, then after two years passed when the top players will have 200 strength, the new ones will get a boost to 100. The boosts could be sold for real money in the store, I'd keep it's price low, so people are actually willing to spend on it. In special events you could give these boosts for free -temporary-.
  6. Zoltan

    Heat error

    When you click a live event in the popup in which you already compete, it throws an error: Instead, it should open the heat and show you some details.
  7. Subscribing to a newspaper should cost some money what the owner could set, the subscription price would be deducted say every week. Also as I saw in some other games, I think it's a very neat idea to be able to support a specific newspaper by a few coins with one click, from where you read the newspaper. It's a good incentive for people who like to write things.
  8. Zoltan

    Heat owner

    In the sports arena once a heat is started, show who started it
  9. The error handling is always a neglected feature, we should aim to reduce or eliminate them altogether. For instance if you didn't chose an infrastructure and you click the repair button, it throws an error, instead it should be grayed out when you can't use it, thus removing the error. (the error message gives the feeling that something is not working)
  10. Remove the repair button if it's not available
  11. So when you leave the site, you accumulate APs with the default cool-down. Make it so, when you do certain actions in-game, give some extra AP. Ie. I visit the war room, then I buy something from market, after that add lets say 10 extra AP. It could be animated, like when it adds to the bar you see some sparks around it, so you notice it happened. You could fiddle with what should give a bonus, how frequently etc. This could not only motivate people to spend some time online, but one step towards making it possible to be able to do something continuously.
  12. Zoltan

    Infra thermo

    Display an indicator (ie. a thermometer) on each infra image to show it's durability. Also group the same images to 1 stack, clicking on it could expand the stack like it is now, moving the mouse outside the module collapses the stack back. On the stack, the thermo should show the lowest durability infra's value.
  13. Our genre usually does this vastly different ways, one of them is to have a weekly challenge. It could run for many different things, but since we don't want to solely be a war-game, I was thinking you could give points for in-game activity, (either hidden, so we don't know exactly what will give the points, or show what you have to do to achieve it. It could have certain stages, each giving you some more unique stuff if reached. Crude example: when you reach activity points 2k/4k/6k/8k/10 you are able to open a gift, containing the incentives.
  14. Apparently we still got this, just tried a minute ago (although I'm pretty sure this time I've tried to sell something and not the PO)
  15. Zoltan

    AP to 200

    We definitely need to adjust the AP as we go on, I just don't feel confident enough yet to say how. In general I'd like to see a faster game-pace, meaning that I wanna get to a point where you could do something in-game without the need to wait too much. Firstly I'd say we should get rid of thinking in 100s, the problem is that it is such a small number, we'll be forced to use fractions for some situations. Instead I think it'd better to have like 1k or 10k even, which could be permanently extended by some buildings, and temporarily extended by boosts. That said, Xav knows this too, we are at very early stages of AP and more like experimenting with it, but I feel your pain m8, I want more AP too! 🙂
  16. Ah, I still get the alerts, that's why i thought it's not there yet
  17. You told me last time you have to approve it manually or something like that, do you remember?
  18. Yeah, maybe the approach is flawed anyway, the goal is to have enough people not to tailor the game to a few.
  19. You can see in the dropdown asome of them shows green, indicating that the company has products on stock. However, many of them has no stock at all, still it shows up green. When you visit the company in the manager, it swaps back to the correct blue color.
  20. Yeah both needed, I'd really welcome a map however basic it is as well, regarding the wikipedia I'm afraid to even be able to get to it, we will have to have somewhat finalized features too. I was thinking a lot about this too, thing is I'm not sure it'd make sense to start create a tutorial now, when in a couple of month I expect radical changes in both GUI and mechanics wise. Also I think this will be more or less a community effort, if we can do a proper startup and get the game going, people will start to create the relevant sections just like we did before.
  21. What I mean is that for instance here is the last South Island RW stat This just looks like a regular battle, and shows the region is conquered by us, but in fact it was an RW, and the region was already ours. So perhaps instead of "Battle for XXX" show "Uprising in XXX" Instead of "Conquered at ..." show "Uprising quelled at..." etc.
  22. Military rank would look handsome on it, plus it's just as important as the level.
  23. Zoltan

    Quick Actions

    Hide the Rest/Relax button too if you can't use it, and remove the Quick Actions panel altogether if there are no actions in it. Let me add here that it seems it's not the same on all pages, for example in the citizen rankings page all the Quick Actions buttons are visible, even though none of them should be
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