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  1. darki

    Infra bug

    perhaps there may be no free space for new buildings? instead of building so many probably better to have some kind of upgrades for the buildings
  2. you forgot 'Service' skill rises by working as a doctor in a hospital also how many patients you can cure(depends on the skill) p.s I forgot something might be a bug, if you work for the company first, you can't go to the hospital as a doctor
  3. oh what a mess, I checked before the attack and the only country that had a war with France was Bulgaria, why didn't you start a war on france? there was enough time but you did not react if it's for your vbux I will compensate you, put on the money market let's say 1USD for 5vbx(or as much as it cost you)
  4. no bug, i launched the attack from antarctica A, during the attack only bulgaria was at war with france even now, you cannot launch an attack on a region which country is not at war with your own country
  5. darki

    UI glitch

    maybe a country with a changed name ?
  6. I want to delete/remove some dead links and images that no longer exist
  7. darki

    war room bug

    strange, after the end of the vBulgarian battles the deployment button has disappeared
  8. you are still young you will learn v-life is before you
  9. no, this is the message that every newly registered citizen receives
  10. darki

    war room bug

    from the picture I see the deployment button for all battles is active(clickable) they should only be active for the battles that are available for deploy from the country in which I am currently in, if I try to press a button in one of them for deploy I have been sent to one of the battles in which my country is involved
  11. I'm trying to edit Presidential Address and I can't find where to click to get an option for edit
  12. darki

    job offers

    when you are unemployed you see on dashboard : Unemployed! You do not have a job, and cannot work. Click the button below to search for jobs in your current region. and there is a find work button which shows the job offer in the region you are in at the moment but very often there is no work there instead, it is better to show jobs from all regions it will be easier for orientation to choose the right job depending on the working skill salary and so on
  13. after fixing the bug with state companies now state-owned companies are showing old alerts
  14. this happened some time ago (the need for money and so on) and now it shows it with a delay https://www.vnations.net/bugs/state-companies-alerts-r67/
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