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  1. 100 is the total limit of all tiers(food or beverage) on the market not 100 per tier if it is difficult to make a limit 100 per tier, why not just make the limit 300
  2. something is wrong , I just logged in and at the bottom of the page I see an inscription : : Uncaught InfluxDB\Exception: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to localhost port 8086: Connection refused (see https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html) for http://localhost:8086/write?db=vnations&precision=s in E:\web\vnations\vendor\influxdb\influxdb-php\src\InfluxDB\Database.php:177 Stack trace: #0 E:\web\vnations\vendor\influxdb\influxdb-php\src\InfluxDB\Database.php(142): InfluxDB\Database->writePayload() #1 E:\web\vnations\common\pageend.php(31): InfluxDB\Database->writePoints() #2 E:\web\vnations\public\dashboard.php(346): require_once('E:\\web\\vnations...') #3 {main} thrown in E:\web\vnations\vendor\influxdb\influxdb-php\src\InfluxDB\Database.php on line 177
  3. now is left 49 t1 food and i just saw that t2 and t3 drinks(except for the last 49 t3) also already purchased.... It is ridiculous, normal players suffer at the expense of bots... they cannot choose what to buy because the choice itself is limited
  4. Yes t3 two offers x20 and 29
  5. I put it on the market 49 t1 and 49 t2 food both offers disappeared after less than minute I put the same thing again and they disappeared again I thought the minimum NPC don't buy is below 50 but it doesn't seem to be btw this minimum is too small it must be at least 200-300
  6. I will give you an example : imagine that there is no food on the market(or I just buy it if small as is the case ) now imagine I need money and from my own food company place 1000 piece t1 х 10000 BGN per unit and 10 t2 x 20000 since it is the cheapest t1 will be bought and I will be very rich !!! btw relax I don't have a food company
  7. it is about the consequences of this, it seems difficult for me to explain or to be understood what I mean
  8. it seems pointless to write, I'm not sure if you enter the forum at all or do it once at 1-3 months, releasing such updates seems critical and directly affect the game... my writing is just another one ''voice in the desert''
  9. not to mention the large sums of money which enter the game without even needing a law to print them, for a week more than 4000 BGN just from the air ... this is approximately the industry budget for 3 months...
  10. yes but they bought everything in huge quantities t1 up to zero and began to buy t2 .....
  11. I have 999,99(1000) athletic and I still get a daily reward 1 athletic occasionally, I also happened to press the athletics button twice by mistake and nothing happened except that I lost 2х15 ap
  12. thanks, btw there is a helpdesk ticket about something else it's not urgent but i don't see how i can edit it and add that the same issue is with the welcome message, I don't want to write another one I apologize for the spam, (I have no idea if you are getting messages for a new ticket in the helpdesk)
  13. this panel was vertical and everything was fine, now it is horizontal and half is not visible
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