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  1. Darkmyre


    Are you able to provide more information?
  2. NPC Purchases was an easy fix actually, so the 100 minimum should be applied universally now.
  3. NPC Sales Tax is a known issue - the bug itself has been fixed, but it'll be at least another 20 hours from this post before I have time to refund the bugged money (for details: NPC Sales Tax - Bug Tracker - Virtual Nations (vnations.net)) I can look at the jet issue and NPC purchases around then too (you may need to bump this if I haven't updated you this time tomorrow).
  4. The money will be refunded, yes, but it's going to take a bit of time. It will probably be done about 24 hours from now.
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Darkmyre


    So it turns out, I'd actually disabled all of the non-NPC CEO alerts, in favour of a new dashboard widget. Finished this widget off tonight, so once companies start to report issues, they should be relayed directly on the dashboard until the issues are resolved.
  7. Now only the affected tier vacancies will be removed. I haven't added anything to change tier, since the player can easily choose to do this manually and company managers can have different pay rates for different tiers.
  8. The underlying bug causing this has been fixed. I'll run a script sometime over the weekend to reverse all of these bugged transactions.
  9. Confirmed bug, appears to be affecting most/all nations. I'll try and get the cause of this fixed tonight, but it'll likely be the weekend before I've got the time to reverse the bugged transactions.
  10. If you only want to employ 3 humans (without considering NPC's), you'd just set 3 job vacancies like normal and set the NPC shift cap to whatever. If you ONLY want to employ 3 humans (and no NPC's), you'd list 3 job vacancies like normal, and set the "max NPC shifts" to 0.
  11. Sorta both in some respects, but mechanically it only limits the number of times NPC's can work for you each day. It's possible to have more NPC workers than you're allowing shifts - but then, the NPC's who aren't able to work will get unhappy and eventually move to a different region (currently this is the only thing that'll cause an NPC to leave their job). 1.4 changelog is still coming sometime this week. IRL is extremely chaotic for me at the moment though so I'm not sure how much longer it'll be.
  12. CEO Manager -> Edit Company -> "Max NPC Shifts Per Day". Currently you might still end up with (many) more than that employed by your company, but only that many of them will be able to work on any given day. There's currently an issue where they'll take a job even if they're not able to work (due to low health etc).
  13. Click on the currency you'd like to withdraw in the Company Cash widget. A changelog should be up either later tonight or sometime tomorrow outlining this and other recent changes.
  14. The link in the alert for congress elections was outdated, I've fixed this so it should now correctly link to the party page. You can then nominate under the Congress tab. For Presidential elections, your party leader needs to set you as the party candidate. I'll also be totally overhauling the election systems in the near future to integrate the new NPC's. I'll try and make the entire process of elections smoother and easier as part of this overhaul.
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