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  1. darki

    t2 and t3 tickets

    perhaps it is better to use only a car/fuel when traveling within the country
  2. darki

    t2 and t3 tickets

    when you move inside the country one is used, when you travel abroad 2 tickets in one direction
  3. darki

    t2 and t3 tickets

    I just thought of something , if it is done and in the inventory you have the three types tickets which of the three types will be preferred when traveling ?!
  4. currently we need 2 tickets to go and 2 to return to travel abroad , for example it is good to have t2 tickets 1to go and 1 for back also t3 - one ticket to go and return (losing 50% integrity in one direction)
  5. to clarify my point is (for gathering) 1pp -1 health 2pp -2 health 3pp -3 health and so on p.s sometimes I think it's better to try speak Japanese or Hungarian better than trying to explain something in English, maybe I write with an accent
  6. I did not mean new basic raw, it is complicated enough I was thinking about the existing ones for example uranium is needed 5pp per unit and when you work you have to lose 5 health(not to mention that it is currently unusable and is just for decoration) maybe my English is incomprehensible and I can't be understood
  7. in my opinion there is an imbalance between mining and other industries for example manufactory has 1-2-3-4-5 tiers when you work(manufactory) you lose 1-2-3-...health, the same should be with mining industry the resources which require 1-2-3-.... pp should lose accordingly 1-2-3-.... health, more productive points per unit of resource - more difficult for mining - you lose more health
  8. they do not need a prime minister, they are just 51 states of US , quote from an Australian: ''our government does not have a backbone, they just whatever the United States says'' I will not write his name because there is a great 'democracy' in the United States and he could end up in the Russian Federation seeking political asylum just like Edward Snowden
  9. government - finance log 16-06-2021 NPC Sales Tax -461.029 BGN 12-06-2021 NPC Sales Tax -6853.4513024998 BGN omg now in the vault shows -2,912.55 BGN I can't use the industry budget because the money just disappeared I removed the offered ones vbx for bgn from money market because even if someone buys, bgn will simply disappear also in battles if I have 3 jets (60 strikes) if I use only 20(1 jet) the others disappear or remain only 20(1 jet) I can't put tickets or fuel on the market because they are simply bought to zero, the same with armor
  10. there is no option to withdraw money from companies, bots buy tickets and fuel up to zero.... edit: armor left 2 total of all tier
  11. I removed my avatar from the forum but he stayed in the game, is there any sync address or does it happen automatically after some time period
  12. thanks for fix btw when I wrote the comment it was again ''hidden'' although it was not the first
  13. ''A purchase order for 20000 iron has been issued by the government!'' the law has been passed but when i go to https://play.vnations.net/market.php?show=orders there is nothing here
  14. it will be good to have part of this message visible on the page when someone tries to log in or when he sees a blank page
  15. I encountered an old bug, I work in spice company (2pp for 1 spice) I have productivity something around 570pp get around 285 spice which is normal but in the region are disappearing 570 spice this bug was fixed but it seems to have reappeared now probably the same is with saltpeter companies btw sometimes when I clicked the work button once it turns out I worked 2 or3 times with one click sometimes the same is with military training
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