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Updated the layout of the CEO page, to make more commonly used actions easier to access.

Began adding Discord WebHooks to the game engine. Certain game actions (such as Uprisings) will now trigger discord messages on the official vNations discord.

Updated the region page to the new UI style, making more information more easily available.

War Reports on the region page will now only show battles started within the last 90 days.

Players who have their discord connected on the forum will now receive automatic access to the private chat for their nation on the official vNations discord.

Doubled the rate of AP generation, to +1 AP every 6 minutes. Player feedback is encouraged as we tweak the AP rate in this and future updates.

Started updating the UI of the Battlefield, although there's still more work to be done here.

Increased the minimum food/drink on the market for NPC purchases to 100 due to player feedback. Please continue to provide feedback if this continues to affect player options so it can be further tweaked.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing most random events to never trigger.

Fixed a bug causing Power to be removed from the market if there have been no sales for 14 days. (This old 'feature' was previously removed from all other industries, but was still affecting Power).

Fixed a bug preventing CEO's from firing NPC workers.

Known Issues

520 errors are still occurring. We are well aware of how annoying these are, and are continuing to investigate this ongoing issue. Recent changes may result in a blank white page being displayed instead of the CloudFlare 520 error.

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In-Game avatars are now synced from the main website. Users wishing to change their avatar will now do so via the website, and the game will update your characters avatar the next time you login. If you have not yet linked your account to the new website, remember you simply need to login using your in-game username/password to do so.

NPC's are now able to buy and consume food. NPC's will try and take the lowest Tier food they require, and will always buy the cheapest food from the market. NPC's will only buy food if there are more than 50 units of food on the market to avoid impacting players. NPCs that are unable to consume food will lose health, and may decide to move to another region/nation.

NPC's are now able to move if they cannot meet their needs in their current region. NPC's will prefer to move via Rail Stations (to any other Rail Station), before trying to cross land borders or sail to a random coastal border.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a date comparison bug that was preventing most users from using their houses.

Fixed bad database settings preventing most skills from exceeding 999.99

Removed outdated references to 'free global article' in daily login reward dialogue.

Fixed a UI bug causing some pages to render their first content module in the header row.

Benefits from Electronics items are now included in the display of benefits from housing in the header widget.

Known Issues

520 errors are still occurring. We are well aware of how annoying these are, and are continuing to investigate this ongoing issue.

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We will be migrating the game and website to a new, faster server with our current host. Both game and website will be locked at the start of the maintenance window, and will be unavailable until the migration is complete. There is no ETA for completion of the migration - although the physical transfer should be quick as we're simply moving to a faster machine in the current data center, there are often unforseen issues getting things up and running on a new machine. On the day I will provide updates via discord where necessary.
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