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    I was thinking "gifts" what you get, say you did the daily tasks which was eating, working, studying whatever. Then you get stuff like some currency, or xp, or stats, or temp bonuses or whatever then if you do the weekly shit (7 day periods), again you get stuff, more serious of course than the daily. and monthly etc. So basically reward activity
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    XP targets for levels are now algorithmic, so there is no more level cap.
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    This seems to be a desync issue with some of the database fields. We cache some data temporarily to reduce database calls, which then gets rechecked and updated when you load the full company manager page for that company. Given the server specs and indeed PHP/MySQL performance have improved a lot over the years, I'm looking at recoding this to remove the cache step and make it more accurate.
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    This will be somewhat tricky since we're using Invsion for media now. But we can look at options for things like this when we have some medias 🙂
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