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Virtual Life

Live a Virtual Life

Whether your dream is to lead your nation at the highest political level, to gain glory on the battlefield, to become a wealthy entrepeneur, or to be a world-class media mogul, Virtual Nations has something for everyone.

You'll need to balance several basic requirements, as you spend your energy in your chosen career. You're never stuck with just one thing to do though - regardless of your chosen career, you can dabble in every facet of the virtual world.

Who do you want to be today?

Results of a work shift

Deep Player-Driven Economy

Players can work in a variety of companies, mining or farming resources or turning those resources into one of 12 different finished goods. All goods help a citizen remain healthy, happy and advance their career goals in various ways.

Everything a player consumes is produced by other players, and players are able to trade goods and money with one another. Savvy investors can even play the money market, buying and selling different currencies on a global market.

Exporting to various nations

Global Trade

Business-minded players can create networks of companies, exporting to and employing workers in any nation across the globe. Help developing nations grow by exporting basic goods and resources, or profit by selling cheaply-produced goods in expensive markets.


Dominate the Battlefield

Fight to defend your nation - or help it conquer the globe! Nations engage in tactical warfare against each other for resources, tactical advantages, or bragging rights. Any citizen can enlist in their nation's army, and serve in a variety of combat roles.

Specialize in one of four combat roles, each with their own purpose on the battlefield. Or study to become a Doctor, offering your services to help wounded soldiers recover to fight again.

Sports Arena

Sporting Glory

Seek fame and glory on the sporting field, competing against others in your region, nation or the globe. Several sporting events are available, including track and field, swimming, and weightlifting, with more being added regularly.

Benefits of a Browser Based Game

  • Access anywhere - all you need is internet access and a web browser!
  • Nothing to download, nothing to install!
  • Spend as much or as little time playing as you wish - great for killing time on lunch breaks!
  • Thriving community - engage directly with the developers and fellow players alike in our forums and wiki

All in a persistant virtual world populated only by other players, with a total of 485 citizens currently alive.


Create a citizen FREE and start living your virtual life!

Top Infantry This Week
  1. darki (10,305,642)
  2. tavsura (8,664,017)
  3. WarriorOfLight (8,664,017)
  4. swkratis (8,664,017)
  5. Stormbringer (8,638,290)
Top Medics This Week
  1. Kroneo (2,634,042)
  2. abramacabra (2,050,263)
  3. greekcaptain (1,819,980)
  4. Sim Maatriks (1,441,275)
  5. Vinicius_Santiago (1,420,463)
Top Pilots This Week
  1. Issomad (9,530,938)
  2. Metralla (9,151,869)
  3. askc (7,056,840)
  4. James A. Conrad (6,596,174)
  5. Bad_Grandpa (5,365,538)
Top Tanks This Week
  1. Azrael (6,474,001)
  2. Darkmyre (5,142,993)
  3. jurkotheboss (4,819,826)
  4. Michael Johannson (4,078,132)
  5. StefanV (2,578,029)
Daily Statistics

  • 23831.920000000,24817.290000000,25001.520000000,24633.060000000,24966.410000000,24924.960000000,23330.170000000,22470.50
    Global Production 22,470.50
  • 2405,2492,2579,2703,4212,2653,2476,2323
    Prestige Earned 2,323.00
  • 103091745.67,93861198.30,86198319.38,87305446.97,83887942.66,90226694.97,74816153.17,76554345.61
    Total Damage 76,554,345.61
  • 3521870.78,3051341.32,3267371.87,3912428.00,3732813.07,4965666.87,3210593.25,3367896.21
    Total First Aid 3,367,896.21

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