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Version 2023.1

Released 01/31/23

Key Changes



  • Add link to purchase resources by clicking images in the Raw Materials widget in CEO Manager
  • Add option for CEOs to have workers restock existing market offers  (not yet ready, will be in next update)
  • Add Governor election voting
  • Add Welfare Rate law proposal
  • Add link to buy resources when clicking resource alerts on CEO Manager
  • NPCs can now work for State Companies.
  • Temporary announcements posted on the forum are now also displayed in-game for greater visibility.
  • Governments can now set a Welfare Rate (via law proposal) to support impoverished NPCs. This rate will be paid from the treasury once per day to any NPC with citizenship that has been unable to work for 24 hours, allowing the NPC to purchase food/drinks and maintain their vitals.
  • CEOs can now customize the minimum health and happiness required to work for their company. This is applied equally to other players and NPCs.
  • CEO Manager now shows any alerts for the current company.


  • NPCs will not attempt to move on Governor election day
  • Change law proposal access restriction to Governor
  • NPCs will only attempt to purchase military goods if they're about to fight in a battle.
  • Oil companies no longer require power, to prevent inflation loops in the power industry.
  • Companies with automatic purchasing for power enabled will now attempt to buy 10 units of power per automatic transaction, falling back to a single unit if unable to purchase 10.


  • Only update available stock counter if stock stays in the company storage
  • Currency exchange offers with 0 quantity are now automatically removed
  • Use backup data when unable to find company resource purchases in log to prevent divide by zero errors
  • Fixed a critical bug preventing NPCs from buying food, and thus maintaining their vitals.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Industrial Complexes from being correctly applied to work shifts.
  • Major improvements to Average Production Cost calculations shown in the CEO page.
  • NPCs will only attempt to purchase fuel if they already own a vehicle.
  • State Companies with the Stockpile option enabled will now use the Stockpile as a backup for raw materials.
  • Fixed a server issue preventing Party President elections from resolving.
  • Fixed a database issue causing the CEO Manager to lag.


  • Remove 5K limit on resources when using the market
  • Remove Secede law proposal
  • Remove old Congress page from menu


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