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Indicate companies in the regions' page


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17 minutes ago, Darkmyre said:

To clarify @Zoltan, do you mean on the region page, list all the companies currently in that region?

(@Ironman's suggestion is also good)

Oh yeah, both, I mean I was referring to the pages of the nation's, like it'd be good to know what companies are there, and I think the tool for the government is not working either, so there should be some way to check where are the companies in your country, both yours and foreign ones!

And yeah @Ironman's ideas is good too.

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  • Developers

Added the links as requested, and added company lists to region pages (on beta server only until the update is finalized).

State companies are listed first, then companies run by active players. Companies have the flag of the manager's citizenship and are clickable to the company profile.

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