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Guide please

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add an update of a basic guide for the game
add updated game mechanism docs ( example : work : reduce happiness )


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It's a good idea, and we definitely need some kind of wiki, problem is twofolds though, first we are still changing so many things, and secondly it takes tremendous time.

Now I know that Xav don't have that kind of time by himself, what I would propose though is to create a kind of framework for the wiki, easily understandable, searchable and editable, then we'd be able to do t ourselves one by one!

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I thought the purpose for Documentation was to have such kind of things in a near future. There were some good guides in the old media module. I guess they could work if updated, but I don't know whether it is possible to access old articles.

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  • Developers

The Documentation section of this site was intended to serve this purpose, but I don't think it'll really work too well for a wiki. We'll have something setup soon, but Zoltan is right - it is gonna need some community input to get all the info fleshed out as documentation takes a lot of time. 

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