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All existing diplomatic relations have been reset as part of work to resolve the ongoing issues with the Diplomacy system. Diplomacy will likely not work correctly until the next update is fully released. ×
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Guide please

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add an update of a basic guide for the game
add updated game mechanism docs ( example : work : reduce happiness )


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It's a good idea, and we definitely need some kind of wiki, problem is twofolds though, first we are still changing so many things, and secondly it takes tremendous time.

Now I know that Xav don't have that kind of time by himself, what I would propose though is to create a kind of framework for the wiki, easily understandable, searchable and editable, then we'd be able to do t ourselves one by one!

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I thought the purpose for Documentation was to have such kind of things in a near future. There were some good guides in the old media module. I guess they could work if updated, but I don't know whether it is possible to access old articles.

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  • Developers

The Documentation section of this site was intended to serve this purpose, but I don't think it'll really work too well for a wiki. We'll have something setup soon, but Zoltan is right - it is gonna need some community input to get all the info fleshed out as documentation takes a lot of time. 

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