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gathering and rare resources


in my opinion there is an imbalance between mining and other industries for example  manufactory has 1-2-3-4-5 tiers when you work(manufactory) you lose 1-2-3-...healththe same should be with mining industry  the resources which require 1-2-3-.... pp should  lose accordingly 1-2-3-.... health, more productive points per unit of resource more difficult for mining - you lose more health

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True @darki, though essentially that would mean we introduce a bunch of new raws, like now we have grain (T1), we would have 2 more "grains" (T2/T3).

All in all that would mean even more basic raws to produce to be able to make the consumer goods, and atm. we are struggling to keep up with the raw requirements already.

I don't say I can't imagine even more materials -let it be consumer or raw-, I just don't see how it would make the current system better at the moment.

Your thoughts?

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I did not mean new basic raw, it is complicated enough I was thinking about the existing ones  for example uranium is needed 5pp per unit and when you work you have to lose 5 health(not to mention that it is currently unusable and is just for decoration)

maybe my English is incomprehensible and I can't be understood

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  • Developers

I think I get you darki. The easiest way would be to change how the raws are structured to make these higher pp raws also at higher tiers. Just as a purely "off the top of my head" example, grain/spice/chocolate could be merged into say a Farmland industry, with T1=grain, T2=spice, T3=chocolate. I'm not sure though if this would make things more complicated for players to know what industry does what. I'll need to give this one some more thought.

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to clarify my point is (for gathering)

1pp  -1 health

2pp  -2 health

3pp  -3 health

and so on

p.s sometimes I think it's better to try speak Japanese or Hungarian 😜  better than trying to explain something in English, maybe I write with an accent  😂

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Nah this time its 100% me not speaking my only language properly lol I understood that was what you meant darki, I just totally failed to communicate that I'd understood 🤦‍♂️

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