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Game Update: Version 1.4.2


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  • Added new dynamic hover cards for NPC's and Players. These cards will appear whenever you hover over an NPC or Player name/avater, showing more detailed information about the NPC/Player.
  • Added a new Traits system for NPC's. Traits can provide a bonus/penalty to NPC actions, unlock or restrict NPC actions, or influence how an NPC votes (in a future update). This update adds up to three randomly assigned traits to each NPC.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed VBX being listed twice in the Deposit Currency widget.
  • Fixed active wars appearing as 'Proposed Treaties' in the Foreign Affairs office.
  • Fixed a bug preventing NPC's from doing damage in battles, despite successful attacks.
  • Fixed an issue causing Invision emails to be classified as spam.


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  • Developers

Active NPC traits:


Gym Junkie: double skill multiplier when working out

Pacifist: never fights or triggers uprising

Hard Worker: double work productivity

Swimmer: bonus stamina workout daily

Jogger: bonus athletics workout daily

Cyclist: bonus speed workout daily

Glutton: hunger is at least 1 if no food in last 12 hours

Alcoholic: thirst is at least 1 if no drink in last 12 hours

Boring: no further trait rolls allowed

Assigned, but not yet functional traits: 

Militant, Depressed, Albino, Imbecile, Genius, Cruel, Xenophobic, Fisherman, Patriotic, Farmer, Strong, Feeble, Biker, Rev Head, Religious






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