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NPC Negative Productivity Bug


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A bug was identified today with the new NPC systems, that was causing some NPC's to generate negative productivity in error. This bug affected around 300 individual work shifts, and appears to have been triggered in part by the host company running out of power. This bug was fixed as quickly as possible, and all affected companies have had their bugged production queues reset. As the bug appeared to be in part triggered by the company running out of power, it is not believed any company 'lost' power as a result of this bug.

Due to the nature of the bug, any building/manufacturing company affected will find they now have more RM than previously. While it would be technically possible to calculate the bugs effects on company RM, it was decided not to do this, and instead consider this partial 'compensation' for this bug. In addition to fixing the underlying bugs and adding protections to prevent similar issues in the future, bugged NPC's will attempt to make up for their errors. When an affected NPC next works for the company they affected, they will be paid $0 (regardless of minimum wage), and will have double the normal productivity. These conditions will be applied once per bugged work shift, and only where the bugged NPC is working for the same company they originally affected.

My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this error. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop a reply or reach out privately to discuss further.

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