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Support System Open

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The new support system is now officially open. Currently it can be accessed via the "Support" top-level menu item (the menu layout is still a WIP so its position may change, but it will always be labelled Support), or directly at https://www.vnations.net/support/

When raising a support ticket, please be sure to select the most appropriate department and severity. If you're encountering a specific error message, or a feature is not working correctly, raise a Bug Report. If you're having issues with any part of your account, including issues with citizen stats, personally owned companies, orgs, etc, raise an Account Issue.

If you're requesting Nation Support, you will need to declare the current government position you hold in the relevant nation (if you hold multiple positions, list the highest). As many nations are currently running with very limited governments, at this stage any citizen may lodge a request for nation support. However, we will consider the context of the request VS the position held in government before deciding to action or reject the request.

Most issues should be lodged with Normal severity. An issue is only considered Critical if it prevents you from accessing the game entirely (cant login, error message on every page, etc), if it prevents anyone from accessing a feature/module (everyone getting the same error message, page not loading for anyone, etc), or if it is related to security in any way (you've been hacked, found an exploitable bug, found a multi, etc). Minor issues, or things you don't mind waiting for can optionally be reported at Low severity.

If a bug has previously been posted anywhere but this support system, and hasn't already been fixed, it's probably best to assume its been lost and report it again.

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