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New Community Website (WIP)

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Welcome to the new community website! Over the next few days this will be steadily fleshed out to form a new community hub for vNations moving into the future. As stated in my previous in-game article, this is the first step on a long roadmap to bring our beloved game into modern times. While this roadmap will eventually lead to a "reset", it is not anticipated that this will occur before Q2 2021 at the absolute earliest. I wasn't kidding when I said "long roadmap", but considering the historic tension over the topic of a reset, I feel its only fair to let everyone know it'll eventually happen. This is also not to be mistaken for a release date, though - it is entirely possible it'll be 2022 before we're at the end point. There's a lot of work to be done, the plan is ambitious, and the world is far from predictable.

I'm incredibly thankful for the support many of you have given for a long, long time - I'm not sure there are sufficient words to convey this fully. It's been years since I've managed to care for the game adequately, and yet many of you have persisted, nursing countries through bugs, working, training, keeping in touch. Seeing this dedication and commitment has been a significant motivator for this new development plan. While I mentioned the dreaded R-word above, in truth when "vNations 2.0" launches, it'll be with its own unique database. I hope that the eventual product will be of sufficient quality that those still with us can't resist transitioning, but I'll continue to keep the current game environment functional for any who'd rather continue with it. I owe you all that much as an absolute minimum.

I'll have more information to share as we move forward, but for right now it's almost 4am and I've still got a few initial setup things to get done, so I think we'll leave it there for now.

Please Note:

  • You will need to register again on this new website.
  • Your display name must match your in-game name. You may need to edit your account settings after signing up with a third-party provider. Impersonating other players will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.
  • It is advisable to use the same email address as you currently use, but not required. This will enable faster account linking in the future. There is no ETA at this stage for account linking.
  • You will currently need to login seperately to this website, and to the game UI (using your existing vNations account) at https://play.vnations.net
  • It may take up to a week before all sections of the new site are operational. Please bear with me during this time, as there's quite a bit to setup. At this early transition stage, please do not report bugs with the game unless they're security or VBX related. I'll have a post outlining the new bug reporting/support features posted no later than July 25th.
  • If you have any issues registering, logging in, or using the new website, please get in touch on discord. I'll reply as soon as possible (though obviously this might be a while due to timezones and such).

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