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Changelog - August 6th (vDay 2714)


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  • Improved display of national currency / VBX values in the sidebar.
  • Switched back to manual advertisement placement for the game UI, due to reported issues with Google AutoAds breaking the UI.
  • Gym Workouts have now been added to the AP system. Each time you workout in the Gym will cost 15 AP.
  • When attempting to fill a purchase order for a nation, if the nation does not have enough money (or the Industry budget is empty), the order will now be cancelled and the leader of the nation notified.
  • Health/Happiness/AP bars should now update much faster when performing actions that do not fully reload the page.
  • Removed the sidebar to make better use of screen space. UI updates are still a work in progress.
  • Achievement and Login alerts are now displayed for all players, as the 'friends' system is being retired.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed bad code that could cause abandoned accounts (inactive for >90 days) to have their currency and companies deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting damaged infrastructures for repair, and added a Repair button to the top of the page for easier navigation.
  • Fixed bad colour for some events making the text unreadable.
  • Fixed military progress showing incorrectly for citizens that have reached God of War rank.
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