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Where did they all go?

Tactician Beta
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I can't see them. I don't know whether this happens only to me or it has to do with where the images are host.


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  • Administrators

Sometimes I'm missing some icons here and there too, but a reload solves it for me, feels like "it didn't have time" to load everything.

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i use Firefox on my computer i just tried it log in from another browser(opera from my phone) and it's fine it will probably be with chrome as well it seems the problem is in the browser but there was no such problem yesterday with Firefox...weird.

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  • Developers

Appears to be a certificate issue affecting our CDN. I thought those certificates get auto renewed by the CDN so it might not be easy to fix. As a work around you can right click an image and select 'open in new tab' and accept the certificate warning, images should then load in that browser again.

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