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Vacancies handling - CEO


If you don't have resources for a given product, the manager removes all vacancies for the given company. However, in case of higher tier companies, sometimes you still have plenty of raws for other tiers, ie. in my food factory if I run out of chocolate, that doesn't mean I can't make thousands more T1/T2 food.

So instead of removing all vacancies for the company, only remove them from the tiers which you actually don't have raws for!
It's important, coz then a human player can simply move from the empty raws tier to another.

In fact, if someone tries to work in a tier with no raws, IF there are vacancies for other tiers, then instead of throwing the error that they can't work due to raw shortage, it could offer the player to work in one of the other tiers.

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Now only the affected tier vacancies will be removed.

I haven't added anything to change tier, since the player can easily choose to do this manually and company managers can have different pay rates for different tiers.

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