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Some finance stuff

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So I thought we could first make it possible for the state to withdraw money from circulation.
This way you can print money if needed, but that cause inflation. or reduce money, that would make it's value go up.

Depending how much each currency is in circulation relatively to each other would decide the actual value of each one, compared to vbx or any other standard you want to define. You could perhaps update the value only when any currency amount in circulation changes.

Unfortunately we don't have the math guys anymore, but I was hoping you could do something like this.

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As for removing currency this should be possible already, for currency that is in the treasury. For currency in players/companies this gets a bit trickier.

I'll have to give some more thought on changing how the exchange rates are calculated. Currently it's based on how people are trading currency, except with so few players currency is rarely actually traded.

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