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Region infrastructure panel uplift

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I think there is no need to display every individual infra, considering if you have a lot of them, the panel becomes littered.
Maybe w could have a collapsible/expendable system, imagine CH for example.
We have five bunkers, now it's showing all 5 (this would be their expanded view anyway).
So when it loads, it'd just show a single picture of a bunker, say a big number 5 in the center. You click a small plus icon in the top right corner, then it expands, showing all 5 separately.


The only reason I can think of the need to see them separately, is to know their status, how much repair is needed. However, you can just check that it's not important to see directly from here. But if you want some indication here too (if they are collapsed showing a single image), an idea is to show the lowest building in the stack, so say the lowest durability infra is on 20%, then show that on the main image. Also you could use highlights, when the infra is at 100% show some kind of green overlay, as it goes down change the color to orange, red etc.


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I do have plans to rework infra display on the dashboard pretty significantly, they just fell to the side since they weren't written down anywhere.

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