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Redundant panel

  • Under Review

I think this whole panel could be just eliminated. Small icons can go in the main manager panel showing what raws it uses, the current stock is displayed in other panels already, and the average price could be shown in the tier-specific panels if needed.


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This was added as a central place to manage all RM for the company. Plan is to include ability to set max price and target stock from there (and see same). If anything I'd consider removing the info from the Tier boxes, except it's useful to see which tier uses which RM.

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  • Administrators

Yeah I give you that, we need to see those, perhaps merge the two somehow?

I mean in the Tier panels we already see the cost price and the raw materials needed for each tier.
When you hover the RM in the Tier panels, it shows the current stock, which is already shown under the RM.
What if on hover you show the Avg price?

Of course this way the Tier panels would stay and the other one would go which you said you'd prefer.

I don't know, I just don't want a too cluttered ui, I feel the CEO page is a bit too long.

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