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Raffle uplift

  • Under Review

Just to make it a little bit more, like, something? 
Nothing fancy, but adding a few more things and simply using a different size/type font we could make it look better.
For example check out a just bet lottery game in the bottom.
Even forget the icons and any images. By displaying the multiplier in the centre with these huge fonts, it makes it look interesting, and it's also an important information.

We could do similar with the raffle. If I'm correct you already have the multiplier in a sense that the prize goes up as people buy tickets. So display the current prize in the centre with a big font like justbet,, display the rest like ticket number, current draw, in a similar manner with small fonts, and you could also add some interesting statistics, like how many tickets you've bought altogether, how many won, ratio of winning/losing tickets, winner of the last draw, perhaps even broader statistics, like a list of all the winners so you can see who won the most, etc.

It's especially a good callout that you can see a list of the winners on the right, by seeing the "profits" people made, makes you want to jump in doesn't it?
With raffle, you could similarly display the winners of the last 10 draws, "username | date of draw | winning"

All these are just different ideas, take or leave as many as you see fit.

ps. you could show the remaining time till the next draw as well.

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I'll have to think on this one a bit. Even in its current state, we're walking a hazardous line with regards to "online gambling" and the legal minefield around that. I think our main saving grace here is that you can't currently buy VBX with real money

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Really?? Idk man, I mean if I think about it you can properly gamble in some games, think about the Witcher for example, you can play poker and stuff like that, but ofc I'm not sure, just read some articles but didn't help much...

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