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NPC uplift

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Wicked, though I'd prefer the first example, it doesn't have an api, and it's pure svg so it'd be rather complicated to copy them.
I'll try to find something, here is one what works, it's not as good as that, but it has a free api: https://avatars.dicebear.com/



WOW, actually I found something on github what supposed to get random avatars from the site I've mentioned first: https://github.com/maiconfriedel/random-avatar-generator

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   Haha, those are not bad either, however the github one is pretty easy too and you have more customization, ie. transparent background.,
You install the package first with node.js (I'm assuming you know node.js, perhaps you already have it installed in the server, if not, then you need to install node.js and npm beforehand😞

npm i random-avatar-generator

Then you just use it with as simple javascript:

import { AvatarGenerator } from 'random-avatar-generator';

const generator = new AvatarGenerator();

// Simply get a random avatar


// Optionally specify a seed for the avatar. e.g. for always getting the same avatar for a user id.

// With seed 'avatar', always returns https://avataaars.io/?accessoriesType=Kurt&avatarStyle=Circle&clotheColor=Blue01&clotheType=Hoodie&eyeType=EyeRoll&eyebrowType=RaisedExcitedNatural&facialHairColor=Blonde&facialHairType=BeardMagestic&hairColor=Black&hatColor=White&mouthType=Sad&skinColor=Yellow&topType=ShortHairShortWaved



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