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Gives us control over the NPCs, call them in a proper way and integrate them into the game itself.
Governments could have the power to set different things for them, ie. between a predefined range they could set their numbers, their consumption and behaviors (going to gym, repairing infrastructure etc. anything really)
Just for example, they could be called clones, governments could"make" and use them as they see fit. For whatever you use it, you benefit from them, however on other areas you get penalties. You get me?

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The intention is less for bots/clones, and more to simulate the "two-clicker" population that these games need (and always struggle to keep, cause two-clicker life is boring as hell). There's also a lot more planned for NPC's that hasn't been implemented yet. They're planned to be able to perform all the "basic" activities a player currently can (I think they're now doing most, but still miss some things like Gym/Sports/War).

In the near future they'll start to get a number of traits that will further influence their AI. Details/names are still being finalized, but as a quick example one NPC might have the trait "Gym Junkie" and will workout multiple times a day. Another may have the trait "Workaholic" and prefer to work more than other activities. A third may have the trait "Glutton" and always eat more food than they need. Other traits won't directly affect their AI actions, but instead influence what type of nation they prefer. Again as a rough example, a "Communist" NPC would probably not like a country with low taxes, while a Capitalist NPC will prefer countries with less government control of the market. This will affect both their chances to stay in any given nation, and also who they vote for in elections.

The end vision for the NPC upgrades, is that every player will in some way fill a "leader" type role, with the NPC's being the bulk "follower"s. This should mean the humans playing the game get to focus on the interesting parts of the game, without us needing to somehow find thousands of boring people happy to log in and follow orders mindlessly - a task much more suitable for something mindless like an NPC 🙂

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That sounds epic, that's exactly what i wanted, albeit in a different way, but i dont mind either, it was just an idea. point is that we will have control over them and they will provide comfort features, i like that a lot, and that opens the way for further and any automation which is my passion 🙂

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