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Merge "Sell Stock" and "Market Stock" panels

  • Rejected

   When I try to sell something I always look at the panel, and wondering how much stock I have on the market when I have made some new stuff.
I was thinking that these two could be merged, since they are both show the company stock, and perhaps it would be more clear if say on the left you see the available stock, next to it you'd instantly see how much is on the market.

ps. I also don't really understand what the "Exports: 0 / 2" means in the "Sell Stock" panel.
ps2. the avg production cost in the "Market Stock" panel looks doggy,T1 cost: 15HUF, T2: 0.97 HUF, T3: 29HUF?
also also just noticed there are still "$" signs before the currency values there



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  • Developers

I'm not sure these panels can really be merged, with multiple tiers I cant see how it wont look messy and cluttered trying to fit all the info and the forms, and the buttons to remove stock all in the one widget?

Exports is the number of export licenses the company currently has.

Do you have active workers in T1/T3? Average production cost can get a bit out of whack in some cases, such as no active workers or high RM purchases (high individual cost, not overall cost if that makes sense). Also low skilled NPC workers and minimum wage can temporarily spike costs until the workers have gained some skill.

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  • Administrators

I see your points, if you sell to multiple markets for example that could make it look messy, although there could be some ways to tackle this, you're right.

I close this!

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