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Merge findjob and joboffers to one page

  • Under Review

There is no need for separate pages due to the changes of traveling and work (I think?)

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  • Administrators

Yeah, though with some dropdowns or filters we could still do it from one page, what I hope is that it would be less confusing.

Trying to think it through how it goes, so:

1st question, you're looking for a job. you click the find job button what you want to see?
all the job offers in your country, or the ones you have access from where you are atm.?

I think by default we should show all offers your country has (the eligible ones of course, the ones having enough raws, money etc.)
the list could be sorted by projected earnings firstly, and perhaps by travel means secondly (or perhaps it's even better to provide some buttons to choose sorting order manually).

Offers in the region you are would come first, a regional icon would indicate they are in the region where you reside atm.

Next come the offers where the workplace is connected to a region by rail where you have a house, shown with a rail icon next to the offer.

Below them would be the ones you'd need to use other means of travel, indicated with their own icon, for example if you'd need to use sea or air travel, indicate with both sea and air icons.
If you'd need to use car only, show the car icon.

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  • Developers

We could even make the UI a bit more modern, showing a card/widget for each job offer. Showing the image for whatever the job makes (including appropriate tier), with info about the estimated pay, max shifts per day, perhaps something there about travel-only jobs? Could probably even show the icons for the skills required for each job on a card like this.

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  • Administrators

A card-like list would be my holy-grail.
It would be soooooooooo much more everything.
modern, convenient, compact but useful, and flex would really start to shine

and they could be the most simple cards ever, basically simple divs defined by flex. thats it

That could be easily skinned at any point later

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