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In-game notifications

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Now I'm referring to things that get redirected to a third party page, the game version in the bottom-right is a good example.
When you click it, it redirects you to the forum's page.

Idk if this is something you feel like doing, but I'd like to see most if not all of them handled in-game.

What I mean by that, if we stick to the version number for example, that when you click it instead of redirecting you, a simple popup could come up in-game showing the changes, and only then (if you for example want to make a comment on the release) redirect you to the forum.


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While I agree that generally, a unified UI is best, I think for things like this we'd essentially be duplicating work. It's already displayed nicely on the forum, and it opens by default in a new window/tab so shouldn't really interrupt things too much.

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