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Dynamically update dashboard panels

  • Accepted

For example, I had a fish in the inventory. After consumption it should be removed.


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  • Developers

I like it in principle, though we already have a fair bit of ajax happening in the background. This would require clearing the div, then making another call to get the current inventory and recreate it. This could get a bit messy for example if you're consuming several things in quick succession, I can see flex going a bit crazy with the div refreshing so many times.

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  • Administrators

Hmm, is there a way to do it in a certain order?
For example, what if the dashboard would reflect changes instantly (before the ajax call happens),
then do the ajax calls all together in one call, then update everything if needed accordingly?

Ie. I click food and drink in quick succession. Dashboard updates on my end showing me the changes, at this point server still has the old values. Then say 3 seconds later the ajax call happens but this time you update both food and drink in one call, and only modify the dashboard on my end if it's different from the server's data?

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