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Company upgrades

  • Under Review

It'd be wicked to be able to build company upgrades!

The first one could be Automation Tier I

When built and operational (it would have some power upkeep if it's turned on (on/off switch) ergo it would cost some money, although you could introduce other costs later if needed) it would automatically buy power from the market when under a certain level

The upgrade itself would show up on the company page with it's own little box, there are a million ways to display it, but importantly it would have it's small settings icon, or something. Clicking it could bring up a simple floating panel where you could set the maximum price you would want the AI to buy power for, when to buy power (at what amount), target value of power, and any other setting you want to add. Clicking outside the panel or on a button would close it and save the last values.

Building up the upgrade could be a process to, maybe more fun then just simply clicking on a buy button.
So building it could cost say x amount of several raw materials, which you could buy from the market just as you would do for any company.
When all the resources are collected -which is shown on the box of the upgrade until it's built, so you can see how much you have of each-, then a build button would appear.

Clicking it would start a countdown timer on it, I'd set it for a day or maybe even more, but hours could work too I guess, maybe it's worth to experiment with it.

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  • Developers

While I love the idea of the company upgrade in general, I was planning on an auto-buy power feature for all companies. I feel like this better simulates how a power grid would work, so shouldn't really need an extra cost.

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  • Administrators

I love that, though that would still leave many other options regarding the upgrades, do you think it's possible to have them in the future?

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