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Company manager sell process

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I'm thinking of changing the process selling works, to further streamline it along the lines the game is going now (if I get it right)
So when you don't have a product sold yet, say the usual popup. You set the price,  stock to sell, then click sell stock.
The difference starts here. From now on when you have extra stock to sell, you just press the sell button, and without reloading the stock gets on market magically, company manager gui gets updated showing the new stock in market and you're done.

This would speed up the handling of companies and again reduce reloads, and I can already think of several features we could use with this later, but for now just curious how you feel about this in general.


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I like this in theory, although there should probably be some flexibility still. I personally use avg production cost and the 'target profit' setting to set sales price, so if this changes I'd want to change the sale price when listing new stock. There's possibly other reasons one might want to change the price of goods on the market (undercutting competition, raising prices without competition, something else). Removing this current flow would mean you'd need to then remove stock from the market and sell again in those situations.

Honestly if you're just wanting to add to the current market stock at the current price, it might be better to add a setting to auto top-up market listings as long as the APC hasn't changed. So as workers work, the goods go straight to the market (perhaps with a configurable max stock).

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Currently testing automatic restocking from NPC workers, as long as the APC hasn't increased. Will roll the feature out with some additional config providing it works well and doesn't cause any issues.

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