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CEO worker distribution

  • Under Review

Just a quick one, I was thinking while doing the usual company manager stuff that this tier system how you employ the workers is not too intuitive.
What if when you open a job in a company, instead of open it to specific tiers, you just open the job itself.
Then in CEO you could set which tiers you want your workers to work on, so for example I have a tier 3 company.
I offer 10 jobs. In CEO I set the company to produce all 3 tiers, and I set say with a slider how much emphasize should go to each tier (ie. 50% for tier 1, 25% for tier 2 and so on)
From there, when people work the manager will make them produce stuff in the preset values.

What do you think? 

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My main issue with this is the effect it'll have on workers. Higher tiers have a higher health (and maybe happiness too) cost per shift. I'm also not sure how then the worker would go between tiers? In your example, 50% tier 1 of 10 jobs should mean 5... but then you'd need to either allow workers to pick (and track what tiers are worked already), or set a priority. Unless you mean splitting a single work shift, say it makes 100pp, into 50pp tier 1, 25pp tier 2 etc.... which that I can see getting very messy for a lot of other calcs (including our old friend Avg Production Cost lol)

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No, definitely not splitting the shift, and it wouldn't have to be precise!

But you are right, to be able to calculate we need a time-frame, I think 24hours sounds good.
So in your example say there are 10 workers. 50% set to Tier 1, ergo the manager will make the first 5 people work in Tier 1, the rest according their percentage.

Say in the meantime you employ 10 more people, then the next five again will work for Tier 1 and so on.
The starting of the time-frame could be the time when you actually set the worker distribution.

If you wanna make sure that a worker in higher tier (due to the higher cost of working) gets more than in the lower ones, we could set the manager so that you can only set a higher wage for higher tiers.

For example, I set 1 HUF for Tier 1. Then for Tier 2, I'd only be able to set say 1.5 HUF. The exact gap can be either calculated on individual bases (depending on the company and on how much more it'd cost for a worker to work in higher tiers), or just a flat percentage for simplicity (say Tier1 is 1 HUF, then Tier 2 must be at least 2 HUF, Tier 3 must be at least 3 HUF.

Although maybe that's not important either. If you think about many people playing, say we have a lot of company offers in a country.
If there is a company who'd pay shit wages (ie. in Tier 3 they make less than their colleagues in Tier 2), so it's really in the company manager's interest to pay proper wages.

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