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CEO - Indicate number of products in dropdown

  • Accepted

Sometimes you just produce like 5 grain in a day, if I were to know how much stuff is in there, I wouldn't have to load up the company and check it one by one.
Perhaps just the number after the company name?


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  • Administrators
6 minutes ago, Darkmyre said:

We can probably make company alerts more noticeable here too, something like a red background if the company has an issue.

That sounds good!

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  • Developers

Just thought of one possible issue - multiple tier companies. Not sure if it would be better to simply add each tier together (ie Company Name [50]), or list them seperately (Company Name [30,0,20]) or maybe even some other way?

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  • Administrators

Good question man, haven't even thought about that...
With the dropdown we are quite limited of what we can do (can't use too long text otherwise the dropdown will look weird, and it wouldn't help too much to see the products combined), I reckon the "Company name 200/3000/0" is something we could do.

Actually now that I'm thinking about it, even the combined produce could be useful, afterall the point is to see if there are products ready to sell.
I don't know man :DDD

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