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Battlefield FA req. indicators

  • Accepted

When you put a number in the "Number of Attacks" input box and you hover your mouse over the different types of attacks, show how much FA it will cost exactly, calculate all possible modifiers in (ie. if infantry uses armor etc.)
Either on the buttons themselves, or in a tool-tip, they'd be very helpful.


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  • Developers

I like the idea, but I'm not sure how well it'd work as a tooltip. Maybe we could redo the UI here a bit further:

  • Replace the buttons with either a drop-down or tabs
  • Have a div where the buttons current are, let's call it 'action-area'
  • When you click a tab / pick from the drop-down, use ajax to populate 'action-area' with more details relevant to that action

The action-area content could include not only FA needed, but other contextual things:

  • options to buy additional tank/jet hits without having to leave battlefield
  • Weapon/Armour tier selection for infantry
  • Medicine tier selection for medics
  • possibly with popup widgets to buy ammo/meds similar to the new RM buying from CEO?

I think it's also worth translating "available actions" directly to "AP to spend" to unify things a bit more.

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  • Administrators

That sounds way better, I'd prefer tabs or divs or whatever over the drop-down though (I think?)

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