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Another work tweak

  • Under Review

This one is for the "work" button and it's "visual feedback" the popup window.

This issue is another consequence of the new AP system: we can use things more, which leads to more repetitive tasks.
For example, when you work, you are able to do it quite a couple of times, before your AP runs out.
That means each time you press work, you have to click outside the modal to close it and work again.
That's not necessary, would be much better and faster if it was only 1 click.
An instead of the modal, just use a notification, like when you read a book.
Or if you are insisting on a central panel popping up, then modify the modal so that it fades out automatically after say 2-3 seconds, but of course when you click you shouldn't have to wait for it, so you could just click 10 times rapidly, then the modal would fade out and you could use the rest of the page without the modal having any effect, like if it's not even there, so it should be click-through as well I think.

ps. same goes for the infrastructure building process!


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  • Developers

I think there's a bit much information after working, to fit in a notification.

I had been working on upgrading work to reduce clicks - the button changing to "Work 1 Shift" hints at this, with plans to add "Work 5 Shifts" / "Work Max Shifts" (displayed depending on available AP, CEO settings etc). But I need to redo a lot of the inner workings of working to make this possible, and I've been putting that off until I overhaul the economy/skills stuff.

I'm not really comfortable messing with the workings of the modal library (you know me and Javascript dont get along well). Perhaps instead we could add a "Work Again" button directly to the modal footer? (also need to change that text about not working again until day change!)

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  • Developers

I've made some changes to the modal UI, and added a Work Again button but its currently only on Beta as I ran out of AP to test it actually works.

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