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  1. What Web Browsers would you recommend for a better experience? With G Chrome I get an error message at least once a week, and sometimes it persists for even half a day.
  2. I've worked several times today in this company: but I get no new stock available to sell. Two days ago, I tried working in this company: . I applied for Tier 3 - Antibiotics production, but I got a message saying the company does not have enough chemicals, which is not true because the available amount for production is 4,999.21. UPDATE: The companies mentioned above are state companies. State companies don't work properly at all. When I work in any of them, apparently I produce items according to the report, but when I look for the new stock to sell, it shows 0 stock. UPDATE 2: State companies don't recognize what the company has in order to produce. Instead, they use the raw materials from the national stockpile. All new stockpile goes directly to the national stockpile and is not available to sell directly from the company. There's only stock available to sell directly from the company if this was produced before the game update affecting this feature.
  3. I did not see the option to reply but I do now. Thanks for solving this.
  4. Thanks a lot. It's solved. Yes. It's a tablet.
  5. Whatever this is, it is annoying because I can't see half of what I look for. When I scroll down, the contents get hidden behind this. Is it Google's?
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