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Unresolved alerts - CEO

  • Confirmed

Just found this company, seemingly it has everything, still it shows that the jobs won't be listed due to unresolved alerts.
Could you check it please?

Also I was thinking if you could extend the message, including the exact reason, like when you hover the alert, it could show you in a tooltip.
Scrap that, it wuldn't make sense to use an extra tooltip, better to show the exact reason directly.
So instead of a generic message could you make a very specific one?

Ok for reason I think I got it, the region only have 400 grain, so probably that;s why it shows the alert.
The second part still holds, what do you think? In this case it could say something like:

The grain reserves are too low in the region,job offers will only be visible again if the gran level reaches 1000 tons.
Estimated time of reaching the minimum with the current growing rate is 2 days 18 hours (02/22/2022)"

And yes, I put tons explicitly there cause I think it would be cool to use either regular units, or call them some fictional name, but something other than just a number.

And now this is more of a feature request than a bug report :DDDD

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I can't see any alerts for that company so it should be good now? I can't remember if low RM triggers an alert, if so this is probably not displayed properly (if at all).

Regarding the second part, I think it might work better to have any/all alerts for the current company shown at the top of the CEO page. Still have the brief reminder "hey there's a problem so these arent visible" alert in the job offers, but list each alert at the top. Was also thinking of adding some more styling to the company selector, so companies with issues are marked red or something.

Love the extra details with the units, I think I'll add that to my plans to revamp the economy/skills stuff to be a bit deeper. Regarding things like grain though, the tricky part here is - if there is an alert for that - it's based on the current worker's skill (so that alert might need to be adjusted, maybe even scrapped idk?). One person having 10 Gathering and harvesting 1000 tonnes of grain that arent there, shouldn't stop someone with 1 Gathering from harvesting the 10 tonnes that are.

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  • Administrators

Indeed! So what if the alerts wouldn;t be a general one but personalized?

I mean if my skill is higher, it will show there is not enough grain, and i won't see the jobb offer.
For another person who has lower skills it could show the offer?

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