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There is ground damage in a battle and it's not started yet

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  • Developers

This would be due to Defence Systems in the region. However, that should be displayed in the battlefield stats page

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  • Administrators

Yeah I think it was registered as "ground damage" but nothing specific.
And that should be around 1mil flat dmg no? I thought this was the npcs' hits somehow before the battle started.

Perhaps it'd come handy to indicate the defense system's damage somewhere in the above shot?

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  • Developers

Defence Systems are affected by their integrity (so at 50%, they're providing 500k for example).

This damage will now be logged as a new 'Defence System' battle action, so it should be more identifiable both in the battlefield events log, and in the after-battle stats page. I'll need to tweak the display as we get live battles involving Defence Systems, so it probably wont look great right away.

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