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Profile achievements problems

  • Confirmed

First, a lot of the images are missing, it should be addressed coz it makes the page look ugly, secondly when you click "show 5 more" button it breaks the page.


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  • Developers

Will need to look into sourcing achievement images (my second nemesis behind the map lol).

Regarding the 'Show More', would this be some sort of flex bug? I'm sure it used to wrap them properly before we added flex

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  • Administrators

Yeah I think it is flex, it seems to me this has not been flexed at all, at least I couldn't see it on the parent container, most likely we just missed it, as you open more achievements to show, it enlarges the parent container repeteadly.

Regarding the images, I thought it's just a typo with their links or something, if we need replacement images, then perhap it's best if we replace all of them, but first I wanna give it a good thought how we wanna make it look like.

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