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In the Battlefield

Alejandro Salek
  • Fixed

Supplying ffaa is the only action possible. Using tanks, jets or guns is not possible.

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I deploy every day, but I can't perform any actions in the battlefield afterwards. I've even tried setting the browser to show PC version in order to see if that made any difference, but nothing changed. I've been deleting cookies every other day as well. I think I'll try a different web browser next time.

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  • Administrators

It works man, at least from firefox!
This can be due to literally anything, best to try different browser first as you said, or even a different device.


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I've tried different browsers and devices, and I've gotten the same result: nothing. I can perform every possible action except for the ones in the battlefield.

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  • Developers

@Alejandro Salekcan you try logging into https://beta.vnations.net and see if you have the same issues fighting there? That should at least provide some sort of feedback / error message to investigate further. (same login details will work, it's the same game world, just a different front end for testing updates)

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