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I login every day

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Login logs show otherwise:

  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022 8:39:04 PM UTC
  • Friday, September 9, 2022 1:13:08 AM UTC

If you login after DayChange, it counts as the new day.

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I don't know whether what happened to me like 10 days ago should go here. I've had a busy month, and I was not going to report anything until I saw this. Back then, when I tried to work, buttons just wouldn't pop up anything, and when I tried to train, an error message page would get loaded with probably the same error code I got a moment ago.


However, A.P. got consumed at some point after D.C. when refreshing the browser, and I hadn't thought whatever the problem was would have any further effect, but then I got notified:

Your daily login progress has been reset as you did not login yesterday. If you believe this is wrong, please raise a ticket with the following details: Game Day 3482, Last Login 3480, Current Streak 5

I had logged in long before D.C. but I hadn't been able to advance any further from Dashboard. Besides, I have no problem with the reset, but a moment ago I had the problem with a button not popping up anything until I tried like 7 times, and then I got that error message when trying to fill a purchase order. In addition, with some consumer goods, when trying to buy them, they remain shown as not bought but still counted among the market stock offered by the company. However, my money gets spent and my inventory gets filled. The number of items in a stock doesn't get modified as it should when some items are bought from it. So far, this has only happened when I try to pay for T3 items

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