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Don't have enough something alert bug

  • Confirmed

Still gives you this old error notification, it's barely noticeable, its more like a debug alert, also it says you'll be redirected to the marketplace but that doesn't happen.

Also I was thinking, instead of redirecting anywhere why not use that shiny new popup what makes possible to buy power directly from CEO?
We could do that for other consumables as well when you run out!


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  • Developers

Are you able to recreate that situation on a different page? I notice your other ticket about the party page, and I think something is breaking JS entirely on that page. Otherwise it may be related to the item consumed, as food/drink generates the alert correctly (although the redirect doesn't seem to work anymore)

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  • Administrators

As far as I remember I'v only seen it a couple of times recently, I'll keep an eye on it!

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