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Decimal fractions in AP

  • Closed

Dirty asks if it's normal to have fractions in AP now?

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  • Developers

Ah yeah, some things can cause decimals in both health and happiness. For example housing can restore 0.5 to each at T1, health loss from wounds can likely cause decimals, probably a bunch of other math-y things.

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  • Administrators

I see, that sounds normal, though Dirty reported other discrepancies too, he says that last time it became a fraction after drinking T3,
so it just didn't give him the full happyness. You know anything about that?

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  • Developers

The only time drinking doesn't give the full benefit, is if it'd put you over 100 (and then it should give exactly enough to reach 100.... eg if you have 98 happiness and drink T3, you'll gain +2).

There was a slight difference in the database config for health vs happiness, but not one that should have any impact unless it was already a fraction. I've changed the config for happiness to match health just in case.

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