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WM - easier participation in battles

  • Under Review

It just struck me today really, that the only reason Iám not joining foreign battles because itás simply too tedious.
Say I wanted to help in 3 foreign battles. I need to go to the market, buy 6 tickets. Then travel, join battle, fight, heal, travel join battle, fight, heal... 2x more.
It takes tremendous amount of time and effort tbh.

We need some kind of a streamlined way here too, to do these things, just like with job search and working.

Goal: join and participate in any battle from the war room or quick access (the top green battle popup), without leaving them (ajax ofc)

To do that we need to sort out the travelling really, so that needs to be changed.
I was thinking something like, first of all show the deploy battle for all battles, regardless of their location
Then if you're not in a region where you could access the battle from, another small popup could come up, showing you the possible ways to travel to that region
Say you can travel there by air and sea, then show both with a simple icon
Grey out the ones that you don't have any means to use, ie. you don't have tickets, grey out the air travel
Highlight the ones that you can use right away, ie. you have a yacht and fuel, then highlight the sea travel with green
After those icons you put the join battle icon, so when you click it you join the battle instantly

If you don't have tickets or jacht and fuel (either), then right from here you'd be able to buy it from the market, like you buy power for companies
You could even choose a preferred method for travel (the game would remember), for which the necessary items would be bought automatically once you need them (optional)

That'd maybe solve the slow joining problem.

The other part of the story is rejoining in other battles.
We could use the already existing quick battle access button in the top bar, if you could make it somehow use the same process as above for the war room, then when you finished one battle, you could just click the quick access, and right from there you could join another battle, basically with 2-3 clicks.


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