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Repair infrastructure access improvement

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To picture it here is the current layout:


First what you can see is that if your nation has a lot of infras, (which is inevitable at a certain point) then it becomes hard to see and manage their repair.

I was thinking that it could be much more compact and sortable/categorizeable.
Like somehow the different types of infras could be separated from each other, as there is an importance order.
Sorting would be especially handy, by the repairs needed(this one is obvious, I wanna repair the infra with the least integrity)/countries (say I wanna repair the Hungarian bases first)/type of infra(ie. I need to repair the infras needed for battles, or the military bases etc.)

And by compact I mean how we display them, now one infra is one line, essentially taking up so much space.
As with the other one I wrote not too long ago (Current staff list - CEO), perhaps a grid system would be good here too.
The image of the infra along with the three already existing properties (name, region, repairs needed) could be displayed in a very small space, so you could see many more at once, making it not only easier to get an overall picture, but to do the actual repairs quickly and efficiently.

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