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House redo

  • Pending

So in their current form they are worthless, ok you can store some things in them but there is really no point.
Since now we have APs, I think houses should work completely differently.

Lets rethink it.
Everything I say here depends on the level of the house ofc.

First how about your house to generate action points?
Talking about a continuous generation, like 1 / minute or whatever value.

I can think of exciting ways to show this, for example imagine the house icon filling up with something, when it's full it magically creates an action point and add it to your AP bar, and the animation resets.

Second, because we still have electronics for houses, and because I can agree that a villa could raise your happiness and even your health :D, we can keep these options too, but change them in the same way, they would automatically fill up in a certain amount of time, when they do they'd add their values to their respective bar (happiness / health)

The electronics could boost these buffs.

Visiting your house should be one click away, we need to handle the cases when you're not in the region though.
To make houses more useful I think we don't have to strictly keep ourselves to wordly things in every little detail, what I mean is, if you could visit your house for example from anywhere, and say that house has it's own storage, then it'd become tremendously useful.

Imagine that you just travelled to Argentina to fight, but when you deploy you realise you didn't bring enough medicine.
Then you have to travel back, buy it, the travel again deploy.

Huge pain in the ass.
However, say you have different types of storages in your house.
Say you got a medicine cabinet since you upgraded your house and got this.
And of course you keep your storage full of sweet T3 meds.
So you just click your ajaxified house, with a single click move the necessary meds to your inventory, click somewhere else to close the house and fight without leaving the battlefield.

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