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Citizen tracking live update

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Is it possible to add some kind of a flag what you could read when needed, so we know what the others are doing?
I'm thinking of something similar as invision works for example, if I visit a page it shows I'm on that page.

In the game we could use this for gaming events, for example if we make travelling take time instead of instantaneously happening, we could show on my profile page that I'm travelling from Budapest to Sydney. (this has strategic value too, in a war if you see a lot of people move into a region you know what's coming), if we had a map this would be even more useful, imagine showing the movements of people, that would help planning strategies even more.

Another benefit is that it'd make more sense to check anyone's profile really, now when you hover the bottom card for example, you can see some basic info there but frankly, there is no real reason to even check it.
If you have live update on the cards (in this case the person's location ), it'd feel much more informative.


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