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  1. As title. I have found that when trying to list a job for one of my businesses, that it sometimes updates the un-selected companies vacancies, and not the currently controlled business. Unsure if this is related somehow to the 500 and 520 errors that both cloudflare and the site are throwing, but It does seem that I catch these errors mostly when switching between companies. just trying to maybe help narrow it down
  2. Basically as the title says. Tool-tip shows up below the RM icons.
  3. Dunno if its just us or what but... A few things I remember being easily available are(info wise): - a Map/infographic that showed the regions & resources, plus who controlled them. Was probably a citizen that made it, but would be a good feature. - Easy to identify corrolation between skills and military/economic output. I know that was almost common sense back in the day, but I feel like that should almost be a hover tooltip at this point, not regulated to a national guide. - An easy way for (prospective)business owners to see a resource "flowchart" so to speak. What resources are needed for what businesses to operate and generate products etc. I know some of this comes easy to the vets. But we also have to start looking towards the future.
  4. Hello! Some of you old players may remember me. I am Loken, former congressman from MI, USA. As well as former Sec of Defense of the USA, back around 2013/2014. I just want to start with saying, I am shocked with how many names I see that I still remember. My first question, is if anyone(regardless of nationality/vNation) has any of the basic training guides/wiki information that use to be posted on the old forums, or easily available? I do know that national programs may not want to have their info/specific training guides out there. But we also need something to inform the newer players. I know the website is getting reworked, and that's awesome! But with this reinvestment into this game, we also have to look out for the future. My second question, is how do the other regular players of the game feel about where the game is currently, and how does that contrast to the past years/hayday? I am really just looking to start a dialogue with these questions, and see whats going on with a game I haven't really played since ages ago, but am now interested in again. I have always wanted a game like this, and I do think the capability exists with vNations.
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